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At our dental office, we make your oral health a top priority, and we are here to meet your dental needs at Smile Oxford Valley Dental Associates! In between scheduled dental cleanings with our team, we encourage you to practice proper dental habits daily, and taking time to clean your tongue to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Your tongue is a central location for most oral bacterial acids and neglecting this area of your mouth can lead to adverse situations such as bad breath, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, a fuzzy coating on the tongue, and changes in your taste buds.

You can effectively clean your tongue by using your toothbrush to brush from the back of the tongue to the tip, removing bacteria deposits. You can also purchase a tongue scraper in the dental aisle of most grocery stores. These tools are designed to clean the tongue without triggering your gag reflex. No matter which tool you use, remember to rinse it thoroughly with water and then an antibacterial mouthwash after each use.

Please notify Dr. Andrew Kang & David Cho , Dr. Kang, and our team if you have any questions about how to clean your tongue in Fairless Hill, Pennsylvania. You can reach our dentist at 215-949-2929 if you have any concerns or are due for your next dental checkup. We would love to hear from you!