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Unbeknownst to many, tooth enamel is the strongest material in your body. But even so, this strong outer layer of your teeth which protects the dentin layer beneath it is still susceptible to erosion due to acid attacking it. Dentin is the bonelike material that protects a network of nerves, and when it is exposed, plaque and bacteria will invade, leading to tooth decay.

Signs that you might be experiencing problems with enamel erosion include cracked or rounded teeth, teeth that are looking translucent, discoloration on the enamel, or sensitive teeth.

The cause of enamel erosion is none other than acid from the foods and beverages you consume. In fact, the biggest contributor to acid on your teeth is carbonated drinks, and wine products which soften tooth enamel.

Unfortunately, even “healthy” fruit juices, bathe your teeth in acids, including lemon, cranberry, orange, and apple juice. It is wise to limit or avoid these items if you have problems with enamel erosion.

Limiting their consumption to mealtimes is better than sipping them throughout the day. If you can’t go without your favorite beverage but do want to keep them from haring your smile, you can drink them through a straw to limit contact with teeth, and rinse with water afterward.

Another source of enamel erosion comes from the acid already found in your body, namely, stomach acid that reaches your mouth. This can happen if you vomit frequently, whether from pregnancy or from an eating disorder, as well as severe acid reflux. A medical professional may be able to assist you in these cases.

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