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Keep your smile shining brightly all summer with effective root canal treatments. With a root canal therapy, the pulp of a tooth is removed to save a tooth from total failure. Oftentimes, damage to the tooth’s pulp will turn into an infection that puts your entire health at risk.

Normal causes that typically require root canal services include:

– Some injuries can occur to teeth that is not visible, and harm to the pulp can still occur if the bacteria seeps through to the root.
– If you have suffered an oral accident or injury that left you with broken or fractured teeth, the root of the teeth could be visible and cause the pulp to become damaged or diseased.
– If a cavity has gone untreated in a tooth, it can ultimately decay your tooth down to your root and cause your tooth’s pulp in your root to become diseased and require a root canal.
– If you have a multitude of dental procedures on a tooth, the continual wear and tear to the tooth could leave it vulnerable to a pulp infection, which would then require a root canal.

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