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As adults, we know how important it is to develop good habits when it comes to our dental hygiene. Kids are a different story. Brushing and flossing aren’t really all that fun for them and it’s hard for children to develop the best habits for cleaning the cracks and crevices where food particles and plaque can hide. These are some of the reasons why it’s easy, and common, for children to develop cavities. That is why there is a preventative treatment called a dental sealant which can protect the cracks and crevices of the teeth during these formative years.

The dental sealant treatment is a simple procedure that is effective in protecting the surface area of your child’s molars. This protection comes from a tooth-colored acrylic resin that is applied to the crevices of the back teeth. The resin “seals” the teeth in order to offer the necessary protection.

After your child has a dental sealant, the sealant will protect the areas of teeth from food particles and plaque that can be overlooked while brushing and flossing.

A dental sealant only takes a few minutes for Dr. Kang and Dr. Cho to apply. The sealant is highly durable and will last for years before another application is needed.

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