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When choosing how and when to floss your teeth, it is important to not forget the simple fundamental fact that no matter which traditional or cutting-edge interdental tool you choose, the important thing is to ensure you clean between each tooth effectively. If you are using dental floss, begin with floss itself.

Not all floss is created the same. Some floss comes waxed, some comes unwaxed, and some have minty flavors touting fresher breath. No matter which floss you choose, it is vital to make sure your mouth is given the treatment it needs to thrive. Look for floss that is guaranteed to be safe and effective, including recommendations from your dentist and floss that features the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

To avoid issues with contamination, never use the same strand more than once. In addition, for each session, use a thread between 16-20 inches in length to ensure that you will have enough section to floss between each tooth with a new section for each tooth. For easy access to new areas of the floss, loosely wrap and end around a finger on each hand.

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