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Do you require a cosmetic dentistry procedure? With all the options and choices to choose from, which one works well for you? The first thing you need to decide is what exactly are you looking to achieve with your oral health care. If you wish to enhance the look of your smile or provide protection from any damage that may come your way, cosmetic dentistry will help. Consider the following options:

– Dental bridges are artificial replacements that are connected to nearby teeth to replace missing teeth.
– Dental veneers require the assistance of a dentist to create, customize, and place small, thin layers onto the fronts of teeth to cover up any unsightly or abnormal teeth.
– Dentures are artificial replacements that are held in place by a bonding material that can easily be removed to allow for an easy cleaning of dentures every night.
– Dental implants are artificial replacements that are fused directly to your jawbone to replace missing teeth.
– If you are simply looking for products to enhance the look of your teeth, teeth whitening treatments are one of the easiest dental procedures there are. Some kits can even be purchased from a local store, although professional whitening treatments at our dentist office guarantee the highest quality and safety of whitening treatments available.
– If you are looking to only conceal parts of a tooth, dental bonding procedures can be used.

For any additional questions or concerns about cosmetic dentistry, Smile Oxford Valley Dental Associates is here to help you with all your oral health needs. For a complete diagnosis from Dr. Andrew Kang & David Cho and our team at our dentist office in Fairless Hill, Pennsylvania, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at 215-949-2929. We want to ensure your teeth remain clean for a lifetime to come.